Supersoft Quill Free Feather Pillow

Feather pillows have been popular for many years now. However not everyone like the fact that you can feel the quills inside the pillow. The quill is the central spine down the middle of a feather. Unlike traditional feather pillows the feathers inside this pillows have had the quills removed, leaving behind just the two soft vanes on either side, making this a lovely soft down like, very plumpable pillow. This must be the most comfortable feather pillow yet!


A super soft luxury feather pillow, with the unique feature of no quills, resulting in an even fill and pure comfort. A natural pillow with medium support, great for head and neck support. A natural 100% cotton casing to add to the luxury and creates a breathable pillow, good for the skin.

  • 48 x 74cm – Standard Pillow Size
  • 1000g Feather Filling – with no Quills
  • 100% Cotton 200 Thread Count Casing
  • Satin Piped Edges
  • Medium Support
  • Machine Washable