EcoSleep Ultimate Waterproof Mattress Protector and Fitted Sheet in One

We call this the Ultimate Mattress Protector because it is so comfortable that you can sleep directly on it without the need for an additional fitted sheet. So that means just one item to wash and dry, and of course your mattress protector gets washed every time your sheet does.

This really is the ultimate mattress protector, for so many reasons.

The first reason is that it is very comfortable to lie on, so comfortable that you don’t need a seperate fitted sheet, well not unless you feel the need to. Not having a seperate sheet means that your sheet and mattress get washed at the same time.

EcoSleep is waterproof but at the same time breathable which means that it doesn’t make you hot and uncomfortable. It is also quiet and rustle free.

For ultimate hygiene EcoSleep can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90c and also tumble dried.

So what makes EcoSleep different?

Well the most obvious difference is what its made from. Mattress protectors tend to either have a padded quited surface if they are not waterproof, or a terry toweling surface if they are waterproof.

EcoSleep is different. The upper surface is a flat woven fabric nuch like a standard fitted sheet. This is another reason why you can sleep directly on it, if you prefer.

This surface is made from Tencel, this is a natural fibre, in the same way that cotton is. However that is where the similarities end. Tencel is a responsibly grown, ecologically sound fibre. It requires less water and less irrigation than cotton, making it kinder to our planet.

Another very important factor is that Tencel is much more absorbent than cotton. This is why cotton and polycotton waterproof mattress protectors need to be made from terry toweling. Those little loops on top of terry increase the surface area and therefore increase how much liquid can be absorbed. Because Tencel is much more absorbent anyway, it doesn’t need the extra loops, so can be made flat.

Tencel is also softer than cotton and much stronger.

There is no better waterproof mattress protector than EcoSleep. Finished in crisp white.

Mattress Size

Double 140 x 190cm, Euro Double 140 x 200cm, Euro King 160 x 200cm, Euro Single 90 x 200cm, King 150 x 200cm, Large Superking 200 x 200cm, Shorty Childs Mattress 90 x 160cm, Single 90 x 190cm, Small Bunk Single 75 x 190cm, Small Double 120 x 190cm, Superking 180 x 200cm