Allergon Plus Anti Allergy Waterproof Mattress Protector 30cm Deep With Waterproof Sides

If you are looking for the best performing, most comfortable breathable waterproof mattress protector currently available then you have found it. This is Allergon, our best selling anti allergy waterproof mattress protector. This is for several reasons, firstly it is very comfortable and rustle free, it is waterproof, yet breathable so it doesn’t make you hot and uncomfortable. It is also dust mite proof. This is the PLUS version which has the added benefit of the two long sides of the mattress having waterproof protection as well as the top.


This is the best selling waterproof anti allergy mattress protector in our range and accounts for 80% of our sales. The reason for this is that once you have used ‘Allergon’ you will probably never use another mattress protector.

This is the PLUS version which has the added benefit of the two long sides of the mattress having waterproof protection as well as the top.

The Most Comfortable Mattress Protector

The upper surface is a deep absorbent cotton rich terry towelling. This is an important and often over looked feature. Cotton is very absorbent and having a terry towelling construction provides a greater surface are which means that the fibres are even more absorbent. Absorbency is linked to the protectors comfort and performance, this highly absorbent surface wicks perspiration and liquids away from the body and the greater surface area allows it to evaporate away and become dry much more quickly. Not only do we think that this is the best mattress protector UK homes and hotels must think so to as they keep on coming back for more.

Waterproof Mattress Protection

Allergon is a breathable waterproof mattress protector. On the underside there is a microfine waterproof membrane. This membrane is laminated to the upper surface providing a constant barrier between the mattress and the sleeper. It is quiet and rustle free and as well as being waterproof, it is breathable. This means that it doesn’t make you hot and sweaty when you are lying on it. This barrier stops liquids and moisture from reaching the mattress.

Anti Allergy Dust Mite Proof Protection

This barrier also controls and eradicates dust mites. These tiny creatures breed and congregate wherever their source of food can be found. They live on the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we go about our daily routine. The most common place to find them in the home is in your
Mattress. This is because we shed more skin as we move about in bed and it finds its way through our sheets to the mattress below. Dust mites require food, humidity and moisture to survive, making the inside of a mattress ideal.

Dust mites are transferred on cushions, pillows and soft toys and soon find their way into the mattress where they breed. A female dust mite lays up to 3 eggs per day which hatch roughly one week later. Once they reach adult size just a few weeks after that they too begin to breed, the colony grows incredibly quickly. Within months there could be more than 50,000 of them inside the mattress, within a year this can grow to become millions of mites. Not only is it an unpleasant thought to be sharing your bed with these tiny creatures, many people are allergic to dust mites and their waste products. Every time you roll over in bed your are releasing microscopic particles of dust mite waste into the air and breathing it in.

The Allergon Anti Allergy Mattress Protector solves this problem quickly and efficiently. The barrier stops moisture and skin particles from passing through to the mattress, cutting off their supply of food and the colony dies out. The barrier also stops mites and their waste products from passing through to you.

Sizes and types

Every mattress needs Allergon. We manufacture Allergon in more sizes than any other protector on the market today. Currently available in more than 20 mattress sizes

Allergon can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90c and tumble dried if required.

Allergon Plus will fit mattresses up to 30cm in depth.

Although we produce this mattress protector in numerous sizes the most popular sizes are as follows.

Single Mattress Protector

Small Double Mattress Protector

Double Mattress Protector

King Mattress Protector

Super King Mattress Protector

Mattress Size

Double 140 x 190cm, Euro Double 140 x 200cm, Euro King 160 x 200cm, Euro Single 90 x 200cm, Extra Large Superking 200 x 214cm, King 150 x 200cm, Large Superking 200 x 200cm, Shorty Childs Mattress 90 x 160cm, Single 90 x 190cm, Small Bunk Single 75 x 190cm, Small Double 120 x 190cm, Superking 180 x 200cm