Allergon Anti Allergy Waterproof Duvet Protector

The Allergon Waterproof duvet protector is a high quality waterproof and dust mite proof protective cover for your duvet. Use it under your usual duvet cover.

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The ‘Allergon’ waterproof duvet protector fits over your duvet and under your usual duvet/quilt cover.

It is designed to stop your duvet from getting wet during the night.

The soft 100% cotton terry upper surface absorbs moisture, the breathable, undetectable waterproof layer stops this moisture from reaching your duvet, avoiding the stains caused by spills, perspiration etc.

This waterproof duvet protector also provides a complete dust mite proof barrier.

Fitted like a typical duvet cover with a zip along the lower edge.

Machine washable and can be tumble dried if required. Because this is a complete waterproof cover it is sealed on three sides with a zip on the fourth side. You might find that during washing water collects inside, this is perfectly normal for what is essentially a large waterproof bag. If this happens just carefully pour it out as you take it out of the washing machine. It can be tumble dried on a low heat setting, but most users would hang it out to dry. Dry out towelling side out, otherwise moisture will just be trapped inside.

This is manufactured from the same material that we make our Allergon mattress protectors from. please bear in mind that any waterproof cover placed over a duvet will add a little to its weight, if this becomes an issue you could try it with a lighter weight duvet.

Ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers as it does not allow dust mites to live within the duvet and stops their waste products from coming out. The waterproof membrane on the inside means that moisture and skin particles cannot pass through to the duvet cutting of the supply of food to any dust mites inside and they die off.

This isn’t a duvet cover protector, because your duvet cover remains on the outside of the waterproof duvet protector.

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