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Snugnights first introduced mattress protection to the UK way back in 1993

Snugnights began way back in 1993 following a chance conversation about a new product that wasn’t being used here in the UK but was gaining some popularity in mainland Europe. That product was the mattress protector. We did our research and found that they were not generally sold or used here and it was actually quite difficult to buy them , this was because they were seen as a product only needed by those with continence issues. However we soon realised the benefits of everyone using them. We came up with our tagline of ‘Every Bed In Every Home Needs a Mattress Protector’ and set about creating the best, most comfortable waterproof mattress protector possible. That was ‘Allergon’ and over the years we have tuned it and tweaked it to ensure that it retains it’s class leading position despite our competitors doing their best to copy it, and our success. Snugnights really did introduce mattress protectors to the UK way back then, and we are still here as leaders in mattress protection technology. We aren’t just stockists, we are the manufacturer with our own brands of mattress protector.

Fast Forward to 2021

So now here we are 28 years later still leaders in mattress protection, but as we have moved forward our customers asked for more. It started with hotels and retailers who asked us for an extended range of mattress protectors in more sizes. This was partially linked to retailers introducing more mattress sizes including various European sizes, and also the growing popularity of smaller sizes, like the small double which worked well in the smaller bedrooms of some new build houses, as well as with the older generation who had maybe lost a partner but didn’t want to down size to a single bed. We were then asked for different types of protector. Could we supply a non waterproof quilted protector, or a waterproof quilted one, or one that completely encased the mattress and fastened with a zip. Over the years the list went on, and now we have more protectors in more sizes than any other supplier.

Even More Bedroom Essentials -Then we were asked for more. As time went by our customers asked for more things. Could we get them a duvet, or some fitted sheets and on it went as we grew our range and established ourselves as a reliable supplier of quality bedroom essentials. So not only do we manufacture own own brands but we have built up relationships with other manufacturers all around the world and can source almost anything for the bedroom and beyond.

Staff Uniforms – We have a sister company that supplies corporate clothing. They also have huge industrial embroidery machines and can embroider or print logo’s onto almost anything. It makes sense therefore to add this into our product range so we can now supply virtually any item of clothing with or without your company logo. Then to complete the range we are now adding a range of room accessories.

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Most of the team are too shy to have their photo on here so you will just have to look at the boss’s mug for now, until we can talk them into it

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